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For parents and suppliers

How do I register for a Flexischools account?

You can register by following these steps:

  • You can access the service at by clicking the "Register Now" button below
  • Submit your email address to create an account.
  • Go to your Inbox and open the registration email from Flexischools.
  • Click on the link provided (or copy and paste the link in a new internet browser window).
  • Follow the registration process, creating a password and completing your personal details.
  • Add users to your account. This could be your students or yourself if you are a staff member, Alumni or friend of the school.

Helpful Hints: If you have a Senior Student and you would like them to be able to login to see their balance or place online orders for the canteen, please enter their email address during the setup process and they will be sent a registration email.

Login and click "Add student" and follow the prompts

Topping up an account is easy.  You can topup using credit card, paypal or EFT

Got to "Account" in the bottom menu on the mobile site (or "Top-up account" on the desktop site), choose a funding source and follow the prompts.

Please try looking in your Spam or Junk folder in your email as these often get redirected there.

We have simplified our ordering process and would like you to login first so we can customise your ordering experience.

To see the services at your school,  go to My Account or Order now to login and access all the services available to your student.

If you don't have an account with us click "register"

If you are a friend of the school or guest you can still register and add yourself as your student at the school you are ordering at.

To get the most out of Flexischools would like you to login first so we can customise your ordering experience.

If you don't already have an account with us click "register". Complete registration then to see the services at a school,  go to My Account or Order now to login.

If you are a friend of the school or guest you can still register and add yourself as your student at the school you are ordering at, choosing their "Friend of the school" or "Guest" class.

My Flexischools account, passwords, topping up and more...

Check out the topics below to answer all your questions about managing your Flexischools account.

You can mange your account by logging on using the below button.

Try to log in using the email address you registered with us in the “Email/Username” field, you may then find your password is correct and you are logged in successfully.

If you do require a ‘Password Reset’ please click on the green “Forgot your password?” link on the ‘desktop’ site or the “Forgot Password” button at the bottom of the screen on the ‘mobile’ site.

Either way we will send you a link to your registered email address that will enable you to re-set your password and continue with logging in – please always check your junk/spam if the email doesn’t arrive.

Login to your Flexischools account and click "Add student"


For online ordering, you can have the same student set up multiple times. The two accounts are independent and no details are shared between them.

However, keep in mind the cashless card system can only be linked to one parent account.

Yes, and it's free.

To top up your account by "direct transfer" / "pay anyone" please use your bank's facilities to transfer the amount you would like to top your account up by using the following details:

Deposit funds into:BSB: 032096

Account Number: 357798

Account Name: InLoop Pty Ltd

Please be sure to enter the unique Message/Reference/Description code provided on your Flexischools page under "account" on the mobile site ("my account" on the desktop site) at the time you wish to top-up.

This will ensure the funds reach your Flexischools account, without this code your funds will stall. Once you have topped up you will need to return to your student and begin a new order. Top up via this method may take up to 5 days to be processed onto your account. You will receive an email when funds are available.


It's immediate (this option does incur a Credit Card surcharge, amount calculated and displayed on top-up) there is a fee-free top up method using electronic bank transfer.


It's immediate (this option does incur a PayPal surcharge which is calculated and displayed on top-up), there is a fee-free top up method using electronic bank transfer.

Once logged in to your account

On Mobile Site:

Go to the "account" tab on bottom menu of the mobile site, select "Change automatic topup settings". Choose credit card, choose the trigger level (at what amount should the system initiate an automaticac top-up) then enter the amount it should topup each time. Follow with your credit card details


On Desktop Site:

Go to "Top-Up Account" on the desktop site and select to top-up via Credit Card. You can then use the Setup automatic topups link to set you trigger level and top-up amount. This is immediate and saves you time when placing standard and recurring orders.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your bank transfer to appear on your Flexischools account, this is in line with normal bank transfer timeframes.

If it still has not appeared after this time, a delay in topups is usually due to an incorrect reference, when you go to Topup Account and select Bank Transfer as the payment source we provide a unique reference (eg BLOGS123456) to your account along with our bank account details. If this was not used please contact us with the information below regarding the transaction to be able to identify your funds:


Date of Transaction

Which bank

Account name was the transfer sent from

What description did you use, eg. canteen lunches

Closing your account can only be done via our desktop site. 

Log onto your account, click on the “My Profile” tab then “Account Status” and “Close Account”.

If you’re on a mobile device, click “Help” then “Visit Desktop Site” and follow the steps above. If you have any remaining balance please follow the steps to have your remaining balance returned to you then close your account.

If you have a positive balance on your Flexischools account we send you an email after 11 months of inactivity asking if you would still like to use the service or if you would like your balance returned to you or donated to charity. This email also details that if no action is taken after 12 months of inactivity, an account keeping fee of $1.50 will be charged per month until the balance reaches $zero then the account will be closed. Information relevant to this can be found on our website under "Legal Documents", you can click here to be taken to the relevant document.


First, they need their own email address. On the homepage, remove the student, then set them up again.

This time, select "Give the student their own login" and enter their email address. Once the student has registered themselves, he/she can use this to login to place their own orders, but only within the daily spend limit you've set.

I would prefer to pay for each purchase separately rather than maintain a balance in my account, can I do this?

Yes you can. You can pay with your credit card (and/or PayPal) immediately when you place an order. If you use the service regularly this may not be the most cost-effective way of using Flexischools.


Login to your Flexischools account.

If you are using the mobile site, click Additional Settings to access this function, if you're on the full desktop site, select your student and click Change Class or School.

Click Change your School and follow the prompts. Don't forget to add in their new information such as Class (when you know it) and/or Student Card Number.

Your balance will remain in the account and now be accessible by your student at their new school.

Login to your Flexischools account from a PC (if on a mobile, click Help and Visit Desktop Site).

Under your student's name, click Profile. At the bottom of the screen, enter a Daily Spend Limit. Click Save. You will need to do this for each student using the cashless card system and these amounts can differ between students.

If they are leaving school and you no longer require a Flexischools account you can simply Close your Account and we will refund any outstanding balance to you. Login desktop site (if on a mobile, go to help then visit desktop site) and click My Profile. Under Status choose Close Account.

There was an issue with my order, what do I do?

Flexischools is an ordering and payment service that works with the providers at your School to provide you with an easy way to order and pay.

If you are experiencing issues with delivery of your order, incorrect items or questions about quality please contact the Service Provider or your School who will be best placed to assist you.

If you are experiencing issues placing an order or finding the purchase in your Flexischools account history then please contact Flexischools Customer Support

Please log onto your account.

From a mobile device (mobile site):

Go to “view open orders” then click the grey arrow pointing towards the right, you can then click the option to “cancel order”.

Fom a PC (Desktop Site)

Click the “cancel” button towards the lower right corner of your order below your student’s profile.

Either way, your order will be cancelled and your funds will return to your account and show as a positive balance. If either of these options are not available and the button is not available, this means the order has already been downloaded to your school and you will need to phone your school to request the order be cancelled.

Yes you do. Typically the online orders for the classes are delivered directly to the classroom, or put in different baskets for the kids. Also, you will need to place individual orders for different breaks.
Yes. If your child likes the same order every week you can turn your one-off order into a weekly recurring order. Once you have placed the order you will see three options below the order - use the second option to turn your order into a weekly order.This is made easier if you also setup automatic top-ups.Please note, as many canteens regularly change their menu they close off their recurring orders over the school holidays, so you may need to replace these orders each term.
This means we have not yet received the actual classes for this year from the school. You can still select a year level and place your order. The canteen will assist with getting your order to the right class. As soon as we receive the classes from the school, you'll be prompted to select the right class next time you order.
If your question is in relation to the actual items such as size, type, and delivery etc it is best that you contact the uniform shop directly as they will be able to assist. Anything else please refer to other FAQs or contact us.
If you need to cancel an order for today or a future date, follow the "cancel an order" process. If you require a refund for a past order or event, please contact your school or service provider as we can only refund on receipt of authority from them.

Technical troubles?

You need access to the internet to order with Flexischools - double check you can search using google or another search engine to make sure that your connection works.

We have recently updated our mobile website and the best way to pick up those changes is to ensure your browser's memory (on your mobile device) is cleared.

How do I setup Flexischools at my school?

You can setup Flexischools at your school by filling out the new service request form (use the button below) You will need the following information:

Service Manager Details, Service Operator Details, Finance Details (Contact and bank account information), Item List & Pricing, Service Dates & Times as well as classes the service is available to.

I am already a Flexischools customer but I want to add more services for my parents

Use the same "setup a new service" button below and you can request a to setup any one of our service types such as uniform shop, events, special food services, payments, fundraisers or just make a general enquiry like order labels or change service dates.

If your school is already operating Flexischools online ordering then other services such as events, fundraisers, book sales and more can be added at no additional cost^.

 Online Canteen Setup Fee  includes:

  • Paper menu converted to an online menu with unlimited customisation options
  • Thermal label printer with 12 month warranty
  • Continuous supply of sticky labels
  • Ongoing support and advice from the experts at Flexischools

Transaction Fees. Transaction Fees are calculated only on the sales processed through Flexischools. Cash and EFT transactions made over the counter or through point-of-sale equipment are free of fees. 


Cash Sales. There are no fees charged on cash or EFT sales.

The system runs on Flexischools’ secure servers, meaning there are no expensive servers, networks, or applications for you to manage on your premises.

All you need is – Internet-connected PC running windows. An A4 printer for report printing.

Flexischools Online Order Management (FOOM) is the software running on your PC in the canteen to download and print your labels.

You will need it installed and open it each day to download and print your orders for that day.

Training is provided to Canteen Managers remotely prior to the system launching to the school community. Our friendly customer service team is available from 8am to 5pm (EDST time), Monday to Friday if you need a refresher or any help. We're only a phone call away!

Installation - Canteens & Tuckshops (Food)

Once the thermal label printer has been dispatched to you, you will have received a few weeks' supply of labels (and promotional flyers, if requested when you completed the online form).

You will need to:

  1. install the printer
  2. install the order software (FOOM)
  3. test the printer

Installing the Thermal Label Printer

Please unpack the printer from the box. You will find:

  • TSC TDP-225 Thermal Label Printer
  • Driver CD and Quick Installation Guide
  • Power Unit and Cables
  • USB Cable

STEP 1: make sure you plug in the printer and turn it on before starting the installation

Follow the steps to install the Thermal Label Printer listed in the first half of the guide below: How to Install TSC TDP 225 Label Printer

For more information on the printer you can reference the manufacturer's manual:

TSC TDP-225 User Manual

To download the printer drivers:

TSC TDP-225 Thermal Label Printer Drivers

You will have also received a pack of labels, one of which needs to be loaded into the printer. 

Installing the Flexischools Online Order Management Software (FOOM)

Firstly, download the software here:

  FOOM Setup

NOTE: You must first uninstall ANY older versions of FOOM on your PC if they exist

The steps to install the ordering software are listed in the second half of the guide:How to Install TSC TDP 225 Label Printer

You may also need to install this software:

Download .Net Framework 2.0

 Note: you will obviously need access to the internet to get your online orders. If your school uses a Proxy Server, you will need to include the access details in our software when prompted. If you have an issue with Proxy Server access you will need to get help from an IT person there at school

Test the Printer

A “test” label will already exist online for your school. Print off the label to make sure everything looks good. This document describes how to use the software:

How to use Flexischools for Daily Lunch Orders

Your FlexiSchools username and password will be detailed on the ReadMe document that was sent to you with the pack and labels.

Getting the most out of your food service?

See the below common questions about running a canteen, tuckshop or special food service with Flexischools.

Why do I need to cancel orders?
Parents may have placed orders and then woken to find out their child is sick.Once you have switched on the Flexischools Online Order Management Application (FOOM) in the canteen in the morning parents cannot cancel orders themselves. They will need to call you to cancel these in FOOM.

What do I need to do?
Find their order in FOOM and click “Cancel Order” and confirm.
Also, if you have already printed the orders you would want to rip up the label and may wish to rerun the reports.

What happens to their order?
Once the order is cancelled the parents will not be charged.

For full instructions please see the attached guide:

Cancelling an Order

Please see the attached guide:

How to use Flexischools for Daily Lunch Orders

Login to Flexischools and access the Supplier admin area. Here choose "edit catalogues" to go to your online menu.

From here you can add/edit items, change descriptions and prices.

Click here for full guide

If you are on the Supplier Self Service Portal, click here for the self service portal instruction guide.

The Supplier Self Service Portal allows you to make changes and edits to your menu in real time.

Click here for the self service portal instruction guide.


1. Parent calls tuckshop for late order
This is your choice if you wish to fulfil it today via the Flexischools Online Order Management (FOOM) application

2. Get parent to place order
They should login in the normal way and place an order – either for the next available day, or for next week if they want a Daily Special

3. Login to Flexischools supplier admin to find their order

  1.     Enter username and password and Click Login.
  2.     Go to Supplier Admin then go to Order Summary
  3.     Click on the placed orders for the date the parent placed the order as you      instructed above, either for the next available day or next week.

4. Move their Order to today

Find their order on the list and click "change" in the due column and change the date to today and save - make sure you have the correct order!

5. Confirm order moved

Return to the order summary screen you will see the new order in the placed orders for today.

6. Fulfill the order

  1. Return to FOOM
  2. Wait a couple of minutes for order to come through
  4. This will include the newly placed order
  5. Click here for full guide on how to manage late orders

One of the benefits of incorporating online ordering to your school canteen is the fully flexible and customisable menu, ability to keep the menu fresh and up-to-date and providing a range of menu alternatives that is simply not possible with a paper based system.

Canteens using Flexischools are developing their menus to suit this innovative approach. To view some of the menus used by schools currently operating online ordering, you can take a look at other school's menus by clicking on the "browse services at a school" link on the logon page.

Via the online system, parents can view detailed information about the ingredients in items, and canteens can also use icons to specify allergy-free items, like "Gluten-free".

This allows parents to make informed choices for their children. Parents can also be assured that the order is delivered directly to the canteen and can't be changed by the student or mishandled.

Some schools choose to allow parents to specify an 'allergy alert' on the order label to highlight particular issues.

Quick Reference Guide is a easy to use tool that enables you to reference the mostly commonly asked Flexischools questions. Click here for the Quick Reference Guide.

Editing your Uniform Shop

Click here on instructions on how to edit your uniform shop.

FOOM (Flexischools Online Order Management)

The FOOM software needs to be installed on your PC and that PC need access to the internet.

To find your missing label, in FOOM please

1. click on “File” then “View logfile”

2. Scroll down the page until you see the order numbers and the label numbers. You will then be able to see the order number for the label you need to reprint.

3. Go back to your order page of your FOOM and locate the order number. You can do this by clicking on the Order ID column to list it by order number. Click next to the order ID so the black arrow in on the order line.

4. Click on re-print order.

My screen is showing that I have an order to print but I have already printed my orders and don’t want them to print all the orders again.

Don’t panic! As long as the screen is showing that you have printed your orders and the orders are showing as pending, it will only print the orders in the ‘pending’ status.

My screen is showing that I still have an order pending but I have printed all of my labels.

Click on “File” then “Exit” and then log back in. You will then see that you have an order ready for printing

This is the username and password for your school-based Proxy Server.

You will need to contact your School IT Department for the username and password. Flexischools does not have this information. Once you have entered the Proxy username and password, the Flexischools orders will show on your screen. If you are not able to get this information from your School IT Department, please contact Flexischools to arrange for the orders to be either faxed or emailed.


Printing labels in advance is a detailed proceedure, please download and follow the attached instructions:

Printing labels in advance in FOOM

This is for the TSC Printer only

Please follow these steps:

Click on this link

Double click the program and Click on Run

Click on "Get Status"

Click on "Factory Default" (the printer light should go off and on, wait until it is a solid green colour again) 

Click on “Calibrate Sensor”, Make sure Media Type is set to GAP and then click “Calibrate” (the printer should print two blank labels)

Click on "Print Test Page"

Once this has been done, please go back to FOOM and reprint one label to make sure the settings are now correct. If they are, please contact Flexischools to get your orders reset so you can print them again 

NB: you can only reprint one label at a time

This is a common issue if you have a Zebra Printer and the paper format is wrong.

Please locate your printer on your PC, to change the paper format please see the following steps:

1. After locating the correct printer “Right click” on the printer icon,

2. Select “Printing Preferences”

3. Click on “Options.”

4. The paper format should be in INCHES. The Width should be: 2.00. The Height should be: 3.80

5. Click on OK

Once the paper format has been corrected, please go back to FOOM and reprint one label to make sure the settings are now correct. If they are, please contact Flexischools to get your orders reset so you can print them again

NB: you can only reprint one label at a time

Latest Flexischools Online Order Management Software (FOOM)

Download the software here:

  FOOM Setup

NOTE: You must first uninstall ANY older versions of FOOM on your PC if they exist

Click here on instructions on how to set up the FOOM software.

For more information on the TSC printer you can download the printer drivers and support manuals here:

TSC TDP-225 Thermal Label Printer Drivers

Cashless Cards, POS and rovr

Help Guides and FAQs for our point of sale solutions and cashless cards.


ROVR works on android mobiles or tablets and is fast and easy to use. The user enters the transaction value and automatically charges a set amount to the student by simply scanning their ID card. Rovr app on android tablet along with Flexischools supplied USB scanning device enable fast and efficient cashless card transactions on a larger screen.

See below for the installation and user guides: 

rovr Android Mobile user Guide

rovr Android Tablet user Guide

ImPOS is our partner POS solution for schools.

For help and support contact imPOS directly on: 1300 780 268

Checkout their help area for how to guides:

InPOS is no longer resold by Flexischools as an integrated POS solution. All current inPOS schools must migrate to a supported solution for continued cashless card support.

This means that the students card has not been entered into our system.

Cause 1: The parent must "link a card" next to the student on their online account and enter either the card number or student ID. It will then take up to 10mins to synchronise to your school POS

Cause 2: Our software or your POS cannot connect to our servers - check internet connection.

Casue 3: Either the parent has entered the incorrect number or the card scan does not match our records.

if your school uses Mifare (RFID) cards then the school database that syncronises which student matches which card chip is incorrect. Contact your school IT department to check what chip/card number is entered against the student in question and check the number the POS is scanning to see if they match.

If you school uses Barcode then double check the number scanning in is the number displayed on the card as sometimes poor barcode quality or if the card is worn can effect the scan output.

Card balance incorrect or insufficient funds

Remember a parent can set a daily spend limit for their student so although the parents account may have sufficient funds the student may have spend all their allocation for the day. "Todays balance" or "Available balance" will reflect the total amount of funds available to the student.

Also if a parent has topped up its only immediate if they used credit card or paypal to topup. If they used a direct deposit (EFT) it can take 3-5 days to apply to their account.

If there is still an issue with the amount available not matching the parent's/students expectation it may be that the onsite Flexischools server or your POS cannot connect to our servers - check internet connection.


Manage your items, run reports and see your orders.

The supplier portal is where you can manage your services. Using the same login page as parents you will have access to the supplier portal by clicking the "supplier admin" button in the top left.

Each week, Flexischools distributes sales earnings back to the school service provider whether that is directly to the school, to a third-party provider or to the P&C/F. Detailed reports provide invaluable information about the spending habits of your school community and drive more profitable activities in the future.

You can also access reports via the supplier portal by logging on to Flexischools and selecting "Supplier Admin"

Account Statements

Statements are sent every week on a Saturday for sales the previous week up until 5pm Friday. The statement provides you with your sales totals for the period and our fees withheld. 

You will receive a separate remittance email once the funds have been transferred to you from us. The funds usually hit your bank account on Tuesday the following week however this depends on your financial institution.

How to Read your Account Statement

Entering Sales into MYOB

Click here for more information on how to enter sales into MYOB.